What honeymoon of the Beijing after the Olympic Games travels is new appreciate

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Current, the Beijing after toward each big travel agent seeks advice from an Olympic Games before people swims when circuit, asks at most question is: Can we enter cubic metre of ’ of ‘ bird's nest, water after “ Olympic Games look? Because ” still will hold damage after Beijing Olympic Games abstruse meeting, to September 17 abstruse meeting ends incomplete, before 11 ” of “ , the tourist still cannot enter cubic metre of ” of “ bird's nest, water to look around temporarily. The message says, cubic metre of ” of “ bird's nest, water will be formal during 11 ” of “ open to the public, the viatic group later can enter two place to undertake visiting. As we have learned, ” of “ bird's nest will change the plan the culture recreation style that builds an internationalization henceforth center, and water cubic metre will be added immediately after the Olympic Games build Eden of a paddle, at the appointed time the public can enter water cubic metre, the lower part of the body in ” of structure of “ blue film establishment of dabble of high-tech of check water cubic.

Warm up characteristic: Individual character swims into advocate dozen

South the personage introduces to the reporter related lake nation force, the Beijing You Xin circuitry that brewing is the foundation in line of Beijing emperor card the new product of ascendant class, wait besides reservation the Imperial Palace outside needing You Jing is nodded, the Olympic Games tourist attraction that is interested with the tourist such as Olympic Games place again is replaced originally a few but You Ke does not swim at one's own expenses tourist attraction. Accordingly, on timeline, the program of new line still will swim 5 days with “ Beijing ” is given priority to. According to introducing, the scene name a person for a particular job such as Olympic park, 798 artistic areas is new Beijing swim need You Xin is nodded importantly in circuit, it is at the beginning of September, olympic park will be true on the meaning open to the outside world, the tourist can appreciate the elegant demeanour of Olympic Games place with close quarters. The relevant personage of Guangdong nation force tells a reporter, because Olympic Games around has a few exhibitions related to the Olympic Games to be held in Beijing, because this also can choose a few exhibitions that see inaccessibly, the Beijing that invites a visitor swims more valuable.