Marital pressure most injury woman heart

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Because society of male and female divides the work to have each,emphasize particularly on, make them right of life pressure bear ability also is put in the difference. The man lives for the career, female factitious marriage, unripe for the family, a bit truly. Recently, sweden studies the result points out, the pressure that comes from marital interior is likely most the heart of deleterious female.

Researcher is opposite about 300 to careful dirty disease breaks out or ever appeared the discovery after the female with acuteness painful bosom undertakes study, with marriage happier female look is compared, the risk of potential heart disease that the woman place that those marriage bring heavy pressure for them faces is 3 times former. Researcher encounters the 1st times be tracked to them continuously after heart trouble in these women observed 5 years, result discovery, although they considered to be like age, smoking, diabetic the critical factor that goes up with the tradition such as hypertension, the heavy pressure on marriage still can increase the risk that heart disease breaks out again and again.

Under photograph comparing, with respect to the woman with those heavy actuating pressure (without giving thought to lone or married) , they can not concern the risk that increases at heart complication. Although researcher is in what what allude in the report,be " marital pressure " , but they also are the females that live together with male partner to include in the analysis.

Consider to discover, compare with male photograph, the female cannot experience strong support from conjugal body, the burden on the mood and devoid support can make the woman maintains healthy life pattern harder, or cause an effect to health directly even, cause heart occurrence problem consequently.

Researcher is written, marital pressure causes the harm of long-term or short-term sex to the heart likely, and this is both all can cause heart disease, cause a heart attack.

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