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Yang Lan ana one: I should have the woman's complete lifetime, I will be so timely knot legitimate child. The career is external things besides the body, The son is me. Feminine beauty is in thought, challenge a man on the thought only, male qualified personnel can feel fresh stimulation.

Write down: When the hair cuts? Poplar: After giving birth to the child.
Write down: Is this a mark that you transform to young married woman from the girl? Poplar: Yes, the middle school wears long hair all the time to the university, people says " Qing Chun, lovely " , I feel this phase should go now. Figure is a kind of his mood, my present mood suits to cut short hair.
Write down: Had you considered to do " of Mrs " full-time? Poplar: In that way I often may chatter. If you let me do full-time wife,once I say " with my gentleman, I do full-time wife. "As a result he says " is impossible, your blame talks about me dead cannot. "Because he knows, I like my job, I am done not have it pure work as, the process that do I am very happy. I think I have a lot of latent capacity to still come out without mining, if was wasted for nothing, also hold out regrettablly.
Write down: Can the child become a burden in your career inadvertently? Poplar: Cannot saying is burdensome, after doing mom, opened a door suddenly just like the world, see a lot of pasts see the thing that be less than, feel the world is particularly good. The child that the street sees go up previously is dirty and especially troublesome, but I see all children feel very lovely now, I feel the god can create the world so rich and colorful is really great, this kind of feeling is done not have before unripe child.
Write down: Have when be because are " career " and conflict of " family " vexed,being had? Poplar: Have for certain. I the child is very small still now, want to be away on official business only, do not see him with respect to a week, often feel so very fault. I once had seen a story, tell investigation is made in 40 years old of women between in 30 years old, 80 % say joyless. Because of them this generation person gets as a child the education of equality of men and women, do same thing, at the same time the female has a kind to want confirmedly to do again virtuous the psychology of wife fine mother, him hope does a competent wife and mother. Then, this brought about oneself to assume more pressure, very tired out. I also lie now this phase, have certain economic requirement fortunately, compare so with age the female is already much luckier, but also lie forever in contradiction. Stay in the home for instance a week, feel idle, worked a week, feel to I am sorry again son, often interweave in this kind so in, quite sad also.
Write down: To husband and wife the relation has two kinds of point of views, one kind thinks to should love the other side many somes, pay the marriage of type namely, another kind thinks to should love his many somes, enjoy the marriage of type namely. With marital experience of yourself, which kinds of means fits current domestic pattern more? Poplar: I do not know, because of the person different. I feel love is the most different thing, do not have a law to say which way is better. We often said " of " equality of men and women in the past, master finance power over major issues femaly, is the same a long time that makes with the man equal? I feel is not. I meet a lot of full-time wives, include us the ancestors of this generation a lot of also be full-time madam, I discover them a lot of people are very bright, and the respect that gets the man. "In the final analysis of " of equality of men and women is the equality that goes up with the thought on a kind of spirit, if mention the on any account that decides a position only with income, that is too foolish. The home and society still have what distinction. Without giving thought to man or woman outside how strong, everybody has weaker place, and this moment, the husband that what need most is him or wife prop up him in his weakest place. If each other can find the weak weak point of the other side, and as it happens can be propped up each other, such family will be firmer.
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