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The person arrived certain age is about to marry, bear, the nature that also can say person lifetime is medium develops the rule. Alleged marriage is single men and women constitutes a family. But whether constitute a happy and perfect family, will tell here face to have knowledge from medical angle, among them more crucial one annulus is from choose of respect of health of body and mind occasionally. It matters to the happiness of one individual lifetime and family not only, return the happiness that can affect next generation people even. Be engaged in marriage and the expert that the family studies, via social investigation and study, from health of body and mind respect summary gives a few when choose should notice occasionally serious content:

< one > psychological quality respect, answer to be a foundation with feeling and love, devoted to love, each other answers to respect between husband and wife, side of exert oneself of love of each other forgive, give-and-take, each other, each other, each other, each other learns to be entered in all hand in hand, overshoot good lifetime.

< 2 > respect of sense of responsibility, connubial both sides answers family and society to have sense of responsibility, once build,have a family namely, be about to bear a responsibility to the other side, family, children, old person, society each other, be about to enter you to be counteracted in the family socially part. The lady is about to become a good mom, good wife, good daughter, good daughter-in-law. The man is about to do a good man, good father, good son, good husband.

< 3 > healthy respect, that is husband and wife 2 people are due a healthy physique. For the happiness of unborn health and family, should accomplish near not allied, mutual and serious understanding is bilateral and familial in have without genetic medical history.

Alleged and near not allied, of our country " marriage law " have specific provision: "Lineal and consanguineous with 3 acting less than collateral line and consanguineous prohibit marrying. " near it is to point to lineal and consanguineous with 3 acting less than collateral line and consanguineous.

In familial in will discuss relation from kin due two kinds, a kind of kindred in be like a graph has kin namely, what always have kin is lineal and consanguineous no matter more or less take the place of not OK marriage. And another kind is not to have kin, be like: The little sister marries the relative of elder sister's husband; Kin marriage waits a married woman's parents' home of little brother and elder brother's wife a moment, they do not have kin, can marry.

Near cannot marry, consider from eugenic angle and the health that are helpful for offspring. The child resembles father and mother, because there is as same as parents gene inside child body,be. If near couple place carries same gene to include to cause ill gene,compare much, the chance that the gene that cause disease encounters is more also, so hereditary disease incidence of a disease is higher, place up to cannot marry in person. Still should notice to be in bilateral and familial in, have without genetic medical history, if mental disease, albinism, monochromasia, glaucoma, chromatic sex does leather disease to wait, these diseases are can genetic. Be like mental couple, incidence of a disease of its children mental disease is as high as 40% - 68% , if couple among them one person is a schizophrenia, its children incidence of a disease is amounted to 15% . This shows for the domestic happiness in the future perfect, the partner that should find an appropriate ideal is very important.
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