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Hangzhou ceremony of marriage of rose of bright red eagle is about to come on st

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The recreational exposition of 2006 Hangzhou world that suffers a person to fix eyes upon already came on stage at 22 days, whole Hangzhou is permeated with harmony and joy everywhere. And be as long as the profusion of 5 months is recreational in heat wave, that is wiped the sweetest marvellous of the most romantic bright Li Mei is lubricious, attribute the situation of west lake of “2006 China International that passion performed on October 7 surely ” of ceremony of marriage of rose of bright red eagle.

Register recreational exposition of project and 2006 Hangzhou world as exposition of Chinese Hangzhou west lake advocate make an item, ceremony of marriage of rose of bright red eagle buckles the affection of China International west lake this year closely the theme of Hangzhou world recreational exposition, innovate energetically on the base that preserves classical ceremony, will preside over a wedding ceremony field change comes cease rich is met advocate place, let new people be in the atmosphere that culture of common of Chinese traditional marriage and sweet and romantic west culture blend, have a dance. Additional, sponsor the international force that just will enlarge an activity further this year, will mix to world each district the new people that with etc 22 provinces, 5 each treat 4 area, municipalities directly under the Central Government gives out Chinese Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan invite, invite them to experience scene of west lake charming and gentle and romantic feelings together, leave the sensation with unforgettable lifetime always. With one hour, join west lake sentiment the new people that · affection is HongKong and Macow plays as “ east the propagandist ambassador of ——— Hangzhou ” , the greeting that taking Hangzhou people and blessing, set foot on the brigade of the honeymoon of Hong Kong, Macao, share sweetness and joyance with the Chinese in HongKong and Macow.

Marriage of rose of bright red eagle is in charge of job of 100 pairs of new personality signing up already began. Place signing up is mouth of gate of center of Hangzhou adolescent activity east office of law of marriage of 2 buildings rose, advisory phone: 0571-85821112.

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