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The Lin Yuan celebrating booth of celebration of elder brother hill establishs g

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The graph is blooming flower fining jade.

Our newspaper is photographed at the beginning of reporter Yang Qing

Hill of our newspaper elder brother hill of electric Jiangsu elder brother welled balanced on April 16 Lin Yuan hundred years celebration and section of art of the 6th flower fining jade kick off today.

Be worth elder brother hill to well balanced Lin Yuan establishs garden 100 years this year. City of elder brother hill is farther rise and fall of the world of “ of grand raise Gu Yanwu, ordinary man has duty the patriotism spirit of ” , decision union fines jade the 6th times beautiful artistic red-letter day, hold lie fallow with the whole people the congratulatory activity that gives priority to a line. It is those who enlarge an activity to participate in a gender, sponsorred Fang An to discharge a series of theme activities that suit citizen of each age administrative levels: In Kunqu opera museum, famous Shaoxing opera, Shanghai opera, Wuxi opera, farce performs the wonderful act of artists, one when earn senile tourist applauds sound; Symphony is performed welcome by the youth; In Gu Yanwu memorial hall, the parent is telling about Gu Yanwu's trek, inexorable lifetime to children.

The booth forest garden that regards a country as area of scene of travel of 4 A stage was built 1906, 1936 more the name is “ ” of booth forest park, 2000 again more the name is ” of “ booth Lin Yuan. There is flower fining jade to plant 170 trunk of a tree inside garden, among them most Chang Shuling is 302 years.

(Pei Xianmei)

" Hua Dongxin is heard " (2006-04-17 the 04th edition)

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