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Kun Shanqing is in charge of " daily of elder brother hill " hold start publicat

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New dispatch of net of China cable industry travel at double speed of 50 years of harships, 50 years of Chun Huaqiu are solid. Yesterday afternoon, capacity audience of Gao Peng of hall of flower of guesthouse of elder brother hill fining jade, be permeated with a festive atmosphere, " daily of elder brother hill " 50 years of celebration hold start publication ceremoniously. Department of propaganda of provincial Party committee, province is bureau of new scent edition, new China the leader such as daily of publication bureau of news of department of propaganda of municipal Party committee of agency of branch of Jiangsu of group of daily cable trade, Xinhua News Agency, Suzhou, Suzhou, Suzhou and leadership of city of elder brother hill go.

In April 1956, " elder brother hill signs up for " first start publication, experienced after " county of elder brother hill signs up for " , " daily of elder brother hill " , " elder brother hill signs up for " . 1961 " elder brother hill signs up for " stop publication, hind on September 28, 1993 resume publication, on July 1, 1999 more the name is " daily of elder brother hill " , meantime was experienced early or late from Zhou Er print arrives Saturday print, from black and white to color, arrive from quarto tab run from opposite directions to sign up for greatly.

Last year, " daily of elder brother hill " rely on run a newspaper with manage two wheel, ceaseless forward “ runs a newspaper a colour, government goes new, team to give a person, achieve the target advancement that receives tall ” , each job obtained new grade, new picture. Basically reflect in: With start shooting old newspaper brand is a target, rise collect make up quality surveyor's pole, propagandist quality and newspaper grade have news to rise newly; With the Party member advanced sex is taught and “ learns educational activity ” 3 times to be grasper, strengthen thought style is built and in-house managing, integral quality has the team to rise newly; Achieve with advertisement close for bibcock, strengthen management and ad plan, overcome the effect of macroscopical adjusting control, economic benefits has rise newly. Annual advertisement is achieved close amount to seventeen million eight hundred and eighty-one thousand five hundred yuan, grow 8.9% compared to the same period.

Celebration ceremonially, provincial Party committee is propagandist department, new leader of daily of group of China cable trade, Suzhou is right " daily of elder brother hill " taking result offerred sufficient affirmation, think " daily of elder brother hill " hill of take root elder brother heats up earth this piece to go up, turned the main trend that with elder brother hill comprehensive strength photograph matchs into media.

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