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On wedding of dog of red honoured guest, “ son ” is in the Labuladuo that holds the position of dog priest of marriage certificate preside over a wedding ceremony person column is built " be in power " , for bridal testimony. (origin: North America " world daily " )

Dog bridegroom Loyal (left) , dog bride Mini (right) wear write marriage gauze, in other dog of red honoured guest witnesses next wedding that finish. (origin: North America " world daily " )

In new network on July 21 stage of county of electric peach garden luxuriant shopping centers held ” of wedding of dog of century of a “ a few days ago, loyal of dog newlywed person, Mini, and 20 partner man, a matron of honour, flower child is to become dog of red red honoured guest, dog newlywed person has a model to appearance is worn write marriage gauze, formal attire, by raise advocate or pull or hold red carpet in the arms, the spousal that finish, among them dog bridegroom Loyal ever still had taken TV ad with Ling of annals of famous model forest.

According to North America " world daily " report, wedding of dog of this red honoured guest also preps according to human wedding mode, have wreath arch, red carpet, gigantic gauze illuminates a marriage, still bridal philharmonic society is performed, the attendant new personality, dog that accompanies group of man, a matron of honour, relatives and friends also wear write tailor-made marriage gauze small formal attire, hold the position of by the Labuladuo that is called “ son ” besides the priest, all of one suit is dog of red honoured guest, flower child is two young dogs that binding bud thrum towel.

The ” of clerical “ son that has gotten model symbolizes with growl the pledge that recites marriage certificate, depend on foreword to issue ” of “ be in power in certificate upper cover with Mini of bridegroom Loyal, bride.

Pushing the go-cart that feeds of the dog to come on the stage when Loyal, mini criterion by raise advocate the dog that sends jacket to had been filled is fed, because Loyal sees Mini attacks, frighten so that Mini hides continuously, spousal is finished in fluster.

The raise of Loyal advocate Dai Yongsong says, the in dog of red honoured guest netizen before Loyal and Mini half an year is known when the party, “Loyal already 3 years old, mini also 1 year old many, be worth ” of comfortable marriage age, via obtaining Mini raise advocate Lu Yanjun agrees, invite two dogs couple; Lu Yanjun expresses, expect Mini gives birth to dog of a lot of young red honoured guest.

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