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600 thousand yuan super wedding comes on stage Saturday

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Is be a pair of Everyman to make wedding of 600 thousand yuan TV living broadcast technically how? Saturday, channel of Qian Jiang city of Zhejiang TV station " happy double banger " ·“ we marry ” will open final be concerned about, at the appointed time, audience of many 3000 spot will with the television before you witness this “ dream together bridal ” . “ we marry ” is channel of Qian Jiang city " happy double banger " the large activity that rolled out in April this year, from sign up last super and bridal last a period of time 3 many months, the “ that shares many pairs of 500 preparation to stride marital hall allows new personality ” to sign up attend, choose through the sea, 100 into 50, 10 into 6, 6 into 4, 4 into the layer upon layer choose of 1, what blueness of Wu Dan of 5 new personality and Lai Keni won audience and spot commissioner through excellent performance is consistent approbate, become this lucky winner of 600 thousand yuan of super wedding. Yesterday, lai Keni expresses bashfully also, oneself are in this activity, had brand-new knowledge to male friend, the love that also lets two people is more deep. “ does not think me what marry so early originally, ground of be most willing to becomes his bride now. ”

As we have learned, on late Saturday wedding, wang Han, Long Weiwei, Xie Yiqian, China major general takes on bridal emcee, the star God such as Wu Qixian, Li Quan also will visit the site with the identity of chief witness at a wedding ceremony. In international level group make below, bridegroom bride will wear European custom-made rare formal attire and gem headgear, in the rose petaline set off falls, jing is colourful come on the stage. The spot will build the arena that gives to be like unreal, too many beautiful things like the dream more through terraqueous empty three dimensional space, at the same time large melodrama also will do in turn among them, for this 600 thousand yuan super and bridal add to the fun.

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