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14 years old of girls make wedding emcee

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Requirement new personality salutes to acknowledge Bin Peng

A wedding of Tianjin was undertaking on March 18 in, small emcee Zhao of 14 years old announces bridegroom bride salutes to thank attendant guest rather, applause and joyous laugh ring immediately below the stage. Do not see Zhao Ning age is small, on the match of Tianjin city bridal emcee last year, she can be the winner of silver-colored award

Zhao Ning's father says, originally the daughter still is going to school, the family member objects her entering such activity too much. So, zhao Ning rejected what a lot of marriage celebrate a company to invite after the contest ends. The new personality that marries this is the kin of their friend. Contain Tong Zhen to be not broken again to Zhao Ning chair liberally, guest gave very high opinion. (according to " daily new newspaper " )

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