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Marry new personality is steep add 3 times, marriage celebrate economy highlight

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New personality gathers together marry made become “ to marry this year year of ” , 11 ” of “ will come, bridal consumption is like a raging fire more. Honeymoon travel serves as marriage the component with celebrate consumption the mainest, make a of travel market new point of growth this year.

In registry office of marriage of black sheep area, one surnames character of tall staff member feeling: “ is less than 10 pairs everyday as one used to do, will register these days jump at a draught many pairs 30.

Turnover of marriage gauze inn is steep add 50%

Yesterday, the road of total government office that centered building of marriage gauze shadow is very lively, sit in inn of every marriage gauze almost full sweethearts. Building of shadow of each marriage gauze rolled out “ to upgrade in succession the sales promotion activity with the various pattern such as ” of ” , “ give sb a present. Lady of staff member week says store of gauze of a marriage, just place in two “ few this year year between ” , marry the person is especially much, the price that sends marriage gauze to illuminate rose in before 3 months of the golden week.

The concoctive ministry of building of photography of one marriage gauze staff member Zhou Tingting says, these days the employee of their company is in the morning 5 when arrive at design ministry to begin busy, next “ time often in the late evening after 10 o'clock ” . express, most passed to just came off work at 0 o'clock even when evening. “ , although very tired, but before the National Day 2 weeks average everyday turnover is at ordinary times 1.5 times on the weekend. ”

Rise of golden week of the price that rent a car 20%

Yesterday morning, the controller of the company of a car that rent closes the city zone the young lady discloses, the car market that rent is at present lively already rise. The reporter visited much home car to rent a company to understand subsequently, the person that hires a car as a result of the golden week is more, golden week head hires car price 3 days rise 20%

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