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Golden week wedding gathers together cameraman social status is big go up

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Golden week wedding gathers together cameraman social status goes up greatly

 Report from our correspondent The near future, new personality “ gathers together ” does marriage banquet, make marriage celebrate a service the market is prosperous all the more, drive bridal cameraman from this in short supply, social status goes up greatly, labor cost is highest add can amount to 50 % .

Controller of one shadow building expresses, it is with bridal cameraman exemple, the cameraman that works in this shadow building at present has 3 people only, add personnel of on a few part-time jobs not to exceed 7 in all, during National Day, the situation that personnel of bridal attendant cameraman lacks still avoids hard. As we have learned, those who regard whole wedding as the process is important the person that film, especially a few have relevant from already check, equipment knows editing and rearrangement or the cameraman that music designs, become ” of “ sweet pastry at present, if whole journey attendant films a bridal labor cost is expended, already rose more than 200 yuan by more than 100 yuan at present, add do for new personality marriage photograph DV to make etc, can earn 300 yuan again about, income is quite rich and generous. Before, have many photography fan initiative link up with reachs each shadow floor when idle, the part-time job is done marriage photograph for happy, can increase income again. On the other hand, because the personnel liquidity of this respect is strong, one but encounter peak period, the pluralistic personnel of some shadows building becomes in short supply, shadow building hires person start working only with raising labor cost. (Zou Hui)

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