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Creation casts you the gout wedding with good place

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Ferial in you have various interests certainly, so go up in wedding, also can need not lay aside your hobby at the same time. Because want to produce your imagination and creativity only, it is good that wedding also can cast your place, be full of fun.

1, give excurse and bivouac fan

The wedding outdoor camps to enthusiastic excurse and field is a very good choice really for lover. But even if the natural scene lover of hundred, put wedding in outdoor also be not even if choose exclusively, because also can be built indoors,give a rurality. Want to achieve such result nevertheless, have to make little change, e.g. : The container that packs a flower chooses ligneous case and not be china, lighting is multi-purpose and natural smooth, perhaps wait for the appearance of tent of make it of the desert after the meal again. Anyhow is reasonable originality your wedding, can take outdoors view indoor come.

2, if you are music,have a fever friendly

A pair of philharmonic new personality, the problem can be given priority to with music when devising invitation card and menu. If feel to be done so, musical element returns not quite enough word, still can ask guests to recommend a few melody that they feel wonderful ahead of schedule, next concentration is broadcasted a few times on banquet. Of course, if you feel your voice is patchy still, perhaps playing musical instrument respect to have two tactics, also can join bridal orchestra, small try skill.

3, add travel element

You like to travel everywhere, also think and guest people share on the way local customs? This also not impracticable, say to go up to put the picture that you once travelled together in every pieces of table for example, the map that deserves to be tagged in order to have again will try to explain. If your footmark spreads all over all corners of the land, this wedding can be done so that have a hotspot more. Musically, can choose the civilian canzonet of different people, if still asked the word that be a dancing partner, that invites guest people also learn on a few paces accordingly. If if also can increase the characteristic provision of each district,coming in of course, this wedding is more perfect.

4, develop your film imagination to acme

Big marriage is present, is the classical solemn pledge of love in the film completely in your brain? Look the person that you should be film of a love. Since such, that comes simply the night of second film. Popcorn gets ready in the food goal that gives a visitor, what soda water sees a movie etc is classical and fastfood, also perhaps can put the film DVD that oneself like. When the guest enters, foregone red carpet, act according to again on champagne, cocktail, broadcast the love segment that you like most with big screen next, that will be Hollywood big shop sign completely people the scene emersion that goes attending first show ceremony. Still do not disrelish satisfy a craving? That is simply before many visitors, come second film proposes setting is imitated beautiful. Thinking nevertheless also is, marrying after all is all one's life just important matter, the effort that spend a dot also is should.
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