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Jia Xingju of 100 pairs of new personality of Shanghai goes collective is bridal

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12 days, shanghai “ activity of large wedding of ” of hundred years double happiness is in 100 pairs of new personality first Jia Xingji affection is performed, collective of 100 pairs of new personality accepts the blessing of citizen of standing grain city.

That day morning 12 when make, go out to found a state now when new people when registered office of Lu Wufang fast, drew the look of citizen of standing grain city instantly. Group of 5 fragrant fast prepared Zong of jujube of ”—— of zhongzi of “ double happiness for new people designedly, they give birth to signal early expensive child. Come from the Lai Jiaxing of first time of bridegroom Chen Yan of Henan, “ can witness our love here, the sense is very good. ” subsequently, new people comes to block of lunar river history, looking the distinctive block that fills Changjiang Delta lasting appeal up and down, experience the rich culture of Jia Xingcheng city to inside information, happy laugh flows in whole block drip. New people still looked around south lake “ the site of an association of one big ” . The boat swims in the lake, the person laughs in the boat, whole and bridal activity lifted a climax.

Shanghai marriage celebrates guild secretary-general He Lina to say: “ fine start a division the advantage is clear, culture foundation is good, be linked together cheek by jowl with Shanghai, we want to drive the marriage between two cities to celebrate the progress of the market through developing such activity. These 100 pairs of new personality also are last a period of time 2 many months, from inside many pairs of 400 new personality sea choosing comes out. ” city takes a picture marriage celebrate Feng Yueming of chairman of industry chamber of commerce to express, development of industry of Jia Xingzhao bearing is swift and violent, the foundation is good, and marriage the consumptive level that celebrates the market and left and right sides of Shanghai photograph wrong in part, the hope develops with promoting a trade through developing such activity.

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