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Hubei will want to put the wedding industry norms Top Ten Wedding Host Review

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Review our province will open next month host the top ten wedding, wedding elected 50 outstanding presenters, including 10 gold master of ceremonies, 20 silver master of ceremonies. "Gold master of ceremonies", "chief master of ceremonies" can not be a self-proclaimed by the wedding company. Wedding Association, director of the Preparatory Committee of Hubei Dong Bin, at present the province has more than 500 full-time wedding master of ceremonies, count part-time, on behalf of the class master of ceremonies is more than a thousand, but the level varies greatly; a wedding companies frequently claim that their own host Is the "chief master of ceremonies", "gold master of ceremonies," but in fact, most of the self-appointed. DONG Bin said that the establishment of the province next month after the wedding industry associations, will be drawn up in Hubei wedding industry codes of conduct, on the wedding master of ceremonies for the Statute.
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