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After 80 rejection of traditional wedding photography nude wedding photos has b

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Nowadays, shooting nude wedding in the eyes of many people is nothing new, but many studio in Hohhot has been quietly rising. 28 October, reporters came to the wedding photo studio Hohhot, Xinhua Avenue area of more concentrated Select the size of about 7, more well-known one by one wedding photo studio visits and found that 5 can provide nude wedding photography services. Receptionist at a wedding photo studio, said: "Many thousands of fashion after 80 refused One side of the traditional wedding photography, wedding photos nude shot selection, an average of four or five months down the total right. " Nude wedding couples are no longer satisfied modern traditional wedding in the shape of thousands of people pursue unconventional side of the avant-garde wedding. Nude wedding challenge traditional ideas, they are not vulgar, photographers and staff Couples will be put through a variety of teaching positions, or with jewelry props, post-production, will be the subject of the secret parts of the body hidden, but without losing the art of bold new taste. Wang was born in 1985, soon into the marriage hall, a small husband and wife to consider a special set of wedding photos. After consulting several wedding photo studio, Wang learned that the most popular is nude wedding, Wang moved the heart , And her boyfriend want to nude photos of a wedding that, for two days of youth leaving a mark. Wang said that the students in making personal albums are not new, but come to the wedding naked shoot seems to have no, she wanted to do First. A studio makeup artist Li Description: In recent years, more and more people come posed for a pictorial, and most are white-collar workers. And their communication in the nude wedding topic, they believe that the nude photo is shot, naked What wedding? However, they also acknowledged that a personal photo collections, wedding photos is to hang out. Therefore, most of the nude wedding interested people will choose different sets of shooting, a hanging out, Namely the traditional wedding; a hanging in the private place such as bathroom, or treasure for their own appreciation. Li said that they only wedding photo studio nude photographer, and several staff members can see, she had never seen. However, she saw nude wedding photos online, from an artistic point of view is indeed beautiful, like a Western painting. "But I think that these photos can be placed only in the bedroom, to hang out, according to the social atmosphere is almost impossible at this stage, the bride's parents do not want daughters 'expense of hue', the groom's parents would not want a new wife Fancy look. " "In the past, the girls are wearing piece swimsuit, bikini now, thinking of more and more open, and photography as well." Xiao Zhao, a studio photographer, said. It is understood that the price of nude wedding in the 4000 general Yuan, slightly more expensive than the average number of wedding photos, wedding photos shooting up to trouble than many ordinary. Now the wedding photography sector, not a clear shot nude wedding ad, saying only that can provide this service. In specific shooting, Hohhot is also not a professional wedding photographer nude, all the ordinary wedding photographer. So, what exactly the photo does security work? Visit, the five expressed in the studio before shooting to sign confidentiality agreements with clients, if you do not sign the agreement, will verbal commitments: photographers are all professionals, not Leaked photos. It is reported that provides nude wedding photo studio business will generally be completed in the photo was taken 3 to 7 days after the selection of photos from the new people, new people will provide studio space and a separate computer, control of staff Film post-production also in the chamber were carried out, the whole process typically have 4-5 staff members to participate. Selection of films, the staff will face in front of new films and other information will be deleted. News Links: For the safety of wedding photography, the reporter consulted the regional Bar Association Secretary-General Kim perseverance, he said: At present, China's laws and regulations for their nude photo shoot of this emerging phenomenon, not yet Clear regulatory and norms, the degree of exposure and no clearly defined. Therefore, the oral agreement is difficult to protect the legitimate rights and interests. Nude photo shoot before the wedding, be sure to sign a written contract to determine the photo's copyright of the Committee Trustee (to be photographed) all, photographers are not entitled to published and other rights. To take pictures without the agreement of copyright, according to the "Copyright Law" Article 17: commissioned work by the ownership of the copyright committee Trustee and the Trustee by the contract. Contract is not clearly stipulated, or the absence of a contract, the copyright belongs to the trustee. In addition, the contract but also on how the shooting, post photos of the destruction make clear about the details Setting, but also for accountability to agreed leaked to maximize the protection of their legitimate rights and interests. Suggested nude wedding photos taken as newcomers to the regular, reputable studio shooting. Furthermore, in view for some couples One reason for unauthorized use, disclosure repeatedly occurred in the case of photos, we recommend the copyright of photos between husband and wife, storage, use, disclosure responsibilities to contract. These wedding photos taken, certain requirements studio or studio Using a separate computer store photos. For not the film, must be personally destroyed or completely deleted.
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