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Mosuo marriage customs

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1, Assia and Living marriage "Assia" is the Moso language, intended for intimate couples. Assia and Living the so-called marriage, that is, men do not get married, rural Seoul married, mother of both men and women of the family home, the man is just a night on the crop of female Assia home, the mother returned home early in the morning to participate in the production and living, is called "walking marriage." Assia different good use of children born to belong to the woman's family members, the mother's last name, shared by the woman's family and child support obligations c father is not a family life, the man is no statutory obligation to raise children, but fathers can be to visit and care lives of their children and education. Both men and women can make life more Assia, but not both make the two, only with a terminated Assia relationship, to make another. Assia combination of both voluntary, free divorce, once the emotional breakdown, not one door, or a party no longer open the door, or even take a message for the Trustee can lift themselves Assia relations, the ideal person to find another, the two sides do not hate each other and envy, and no criticism of others. Because both men and women to establish Assia relations be based entirely on love, not family wealth, status, influence, without political and religious background, it has never produced a love to kill, suicides, not to involve family and community disputes. 2, Assia marital cohabitation The Marriage and Living in Assia on the basis of marriage to develop. Both men and women are no longer the mother of the family home, but a cohabitation, or female to the groom, or male to female family, co-production and living, raise their children. This Assia cohabitation marriage is to both men and women to go home after a long marriage different, more solid feeling, and the combination of age, nearly middle age. Both women to groom, or male to female home, both families are based on the number of population and labor to set, without any money and the door first intention. So, to Assia employed married cohabiting and married people do not have to spend money superfluous, combined, and divorced by mutual agreement. If the parties lived together for some time, emotional breakdown and divorce occurs, it will not lead to dispute ownership of property and children, as to whether these cohabitation Assia Which is still the matriarchal family, and not their separate portal, property still family owned, no matter which side of the child by, are considered family members. Although the binding free married Assia, but maternal blood relatives make Assia prohibited. Moso men and women met in the production of life, the general active courtship by men, gave women a ring or scarves and other gifts, if the woman accepted and rebate belt or other decorations, even relationship established Assia, men can visit the. However, men to women Assia first home, never go quietly, instead of like a little tea, tobacco and alcohol, "pot Chuang," the consent of the woman's family's consent before they can open the door and out F Assia . People in society will recognize the relationship between their Assia. 3, monogamous marriage In addition to these "Assia" two forms of marriage outside the village in Mosul also has about 20% of monogamous marriage. As Kublai Khan led his army south into the Lugu Lake, the home A blue tube in the local public house, then more home Yongning state (government) toast, in addition to transmission of Lamaism in Yongning, Lugu Lake and other places with the implementation of the color of politics and religion rule, the palace officials along the learning monogamous married men and married women married. There Jinsha Arab side, Jiaze, care and Ning Bo Austin Mosuo worthy port town near the dam, Mosul and other places open tile, as long ago in history mixed with other ethnic groups, gradually embarked on a Kazuo marriage of a wife way. After both spouses are invited to the media Yuehe, heavy Lipin married, older Zhuhun, held a ceremony and banquet Village neighborhood, a socially recognized couple. Formal marriage, marriage lifted Assia marriage marriage relationship like freedom, must obtain the consent of both families and social recognition, complete the necessary formalities. Now with improved material life and cultural development of education, formal marriage among the Moso Ning Bo gradually increased the number of people.
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