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Tianjin CASE rational choice made wedding services consumer tips

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Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day holidays, wedding services, ushered in the consumer market peak, many new candidates for a wedding this season. But the wedding service market varies greatly, and some wedding companies seek to set the interests of consumer traps, so that consumer rights have been infringed. To this end, Tianjin Consumers Association reminds consumers: to accept the wedding service to reason. First, select the wedding service to be rational, to select appropriately qualified and reputable wedding company, check whether the person holds a relevant qualification certificates. Choose to do pre-wedding service is the best investigation services in determining when a more rational, from their own needs, not blind comparisons. In addition, an agreement to enter into the wedding details, the signing of the agreement, the company details with the wedding details of the contract, provide services, while consumers have to save the good agreement and acceptance of service bills to avoid the burden of proof after the event no basis of consumer disputes.
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