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December 12 Yang Yun Yang Wei Wedding Festival will debut ends of the earth

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Sanya ends of the earth's annual International Festival Dec. 12 wedding is about to debut, it was introduced, when the Olympic all-around champion Yang Wei sports darling wedding couple will debut festival, and about a happy life after marriage. This is the fourteenth session of 2010, Sanya, China International Wedding Festival ends of the earth, this wedding event will be December 12, 2010 End of the World stone beach resort at the ends of the earth Plaza. November 6, 2008, the Olympic champion all-around ends of the earth resort in Sanya, Hainan Wang Plaza to love his wife Yang Yun extremely a romantic wedding, and unparalleled in the ends of the earth where this romantic love vows write "Love ends of the earth, love to grow old together. " Ends of the earth has its moment in the love area of a tall square stone, and now vows engraved on the stone of love has become a tourists competing pictures of the attractions, visitors to pray for the sweet in this photo the love and happy happy life. Coincidentally, in the Yang Wei and Yang Yun's wedding anniversary Nov. 6, 2009, their little angel came into this world, blessed with a child of the Yang family of three couples in peace, happy life. On a year old they have in the name of his son, Yang said, "Yang Yang Yang" is only the child's first name, and name called "Yang Wenchang." For the future direction of his son, Yang said, not going to let the son of gymnastics, but he said his son's physical well. Increasing feelings of heat across the marriage, life and work your heart, as well as smart and lovely baby son, Yang couples the ends of the earth to the source of happiness have deep feelings. According to the organizing committee said the officer, Wedding Day Organizing Committee will arrange Yang Wei wedding couple take a drink from the sea provide luxury stretch marks coconut Mercedes ends of the earth to reach the main venue area. (Maisi Yu Huang Shouqing Xie Jinyong) Background information: Yang Wei Yang Yang Yang baby son a few days ago just after the first birthday, "the appearance of Guangzhou, Yang Wei has a new identity - CCTV broadcast team of technical advisers to room and board in the media village. Yang said he and Yang Yun currently a graduate student at Beijing Sports University, the two live on campus one day per week in preparation for class the next day. They just opened this year studying at BSU championship classes, the students in more than 100 graduates. Champion class curriculum learned in sports administration, sports and society, sports and economy. During the Asian Games, the first gymnastics women's team captain Yang Yun Yang Wei came together with her husband Games Media Village, the athletes for the Games to cheer. The face of women's gymnastics team's performance, Yang Yun particularly happy. Although retired, but never headed, gymnastics, whenever there is a sporting occasions, when Yang Yun will be special attention. Yang Yun who has passed the media in the retired University of Boyin Ji, has a passion for hosting and performing, she hopes to marry his love, and the cause of integration. Yang Yun is now a graduate student at Beijing Sports University, also in the film entertainment and multi-file to do a guest host, gain experience for themselves the way the auspices of the future and lay a solid foundation. Yang Yun postnatal comeback to beautiful short hair style, cut hair for many years left, from the beginning to a new stance to face their new business, that has always been optimistic, courageous Yang Yun will do something in the chair. During the Asian Games, Yang Wei as the CCTV broadcast a special technical adviser. He even joked that this ratio is not with the athletes, but the media "grab food" to eat.
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