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Wedding dedicated camera Panasonic MD10000 7200 UNPROFOR licensed

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Matsushita Panasonic introduced MD10000GK digital video camera, located in the wedding company, small television stations, schools, institutions such as the need to work efficiently, but the shooting does not require too much user groups, Panasonic MD10000GK body design with a classic shoulder-fired, there is help to keep the camera steady work. Provide the basis for the manual function. In the imaging device, the Panasonic MD10 (quotations parameter evaluation Gallery) 000GK camera using 3CCD camera system and the corresponding crystal engine, in order to achieve superior quality performance. In addition, Panasonic MD10000GK with 10x optical zoom lens and manual focus telephoto macro support. Today I learned that the end of this bargain DV licensed ex-gratia offer 7,200 yuan UNPROFOR, interested businesses to consult it! Appearance: Panasonic MD10000GK (net purchase lowest price 6880 yuan) man-portable digital video camera using black design, the first feeling quite "live", mostly plastic machine shell, the whole weight of only about 2 kg . Panasonic MD10000GK relatively large area of the shoulder pad. But mostly plastic machine shell, or in his hand a little lacking some of the texture, some parts will give people "the belly of thin air" feeling. However, the appearance of Panasonic MD10000GK looks thick, the texture in general, carry out and long for handheld shooting. Performance: Panasonic 3CCD Panasonic MD10000GK using technology, with three 540,000-pixel RGB sensor channels, respectively, the color signal processing. Panasonic MD10000GK use miniDV tape storage, high-quality SP mode in a DVM80 tape can record 80 minutes, LP mode you can record 120 minutes. Panasonic MD10000GK TV signal output specifications for the 625 lines, 50 field PAL, we used the following transcription of the sample of 720 horizontal resolution. Panasonic MD10000GK provides electronic viewfinder and LCD dual display device, the eyepiece can be a large angle of rotation for the high and low seats provide a convenient shooting. In addition, the LCD screen can be flipped to provide a more flexible framing, monitoring methods. Panasonic MD10000GK2.5 inch screen display brightness is not very good, but indoor use to meet the basic monitoring requirements, and use the available light electronic viewfinder instead of work. Panasonic MD10000GK (net purchase lowest price 6880 yuan) miniDV tape positions on the other side of the fuselage, next to the battery installed in the groove and provides some data interface. Panasonic MD10000GK can use the 7.2V lithium-ion battery, the battery slot can also be a dedicated interface to connect the AC power adapter. Panasonic MD10000GK data provided by the interface includes: RCA two-channel audio interface, video interface, S-Video output and DV (1394) interface. After shooting through the audio interface, video output, or digital transcription.
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